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    The Development Team has two partners to assist in these efforts. First, the Knolls Homeowners Association gives the Village access to each home in the neighborhood through their newsletter and website. Additionally, time is allotted at the Association’s Board and Membership meetings for reporting Village programs. The Board and the Development Team coordinate their separate activities and collaborate for common events. The Homeowners Association is an essential partner in making the Knolls Village a vital part of the neighborhood. To learn more about the Knolls Homeowners Association visit their website at

    The second partner for the Development Team is Care Compass. Creating and then running a Village is not an easy process. Care Compass served as the organizing expediter during the formation of the Knolls Village, and it continues to provide administrative and financial services. With Care Compass serving in these roles, the Development Team can concentrate on the programs and benefits of the Village, rather than spend time in the detailed tasks associated with managing an organization. To find out more about Care Compass, see their website at

    As mentioned previously, everyone living in the Knolls is welcome to attend a Development Team gathering. Contact Linda & Dave at to find out when and where the next one is being held. Bring your ideas and/or a willingness to help. But, if you can’t make it, please go HERE to find a form to make your suggestion(s). Every idea will be given full consideration. Thank you!

About Us
The Knolls Village

    The Knolls Village is truly a ‘grass-roots’ volunteer enterprise. There isn’t a Board of Directors, or an Executive Director, or a hired staff, or even an office. Rather, there is a group of neighbors who gather approximately every other month in one of their homes to talk about activities and events they’d like to see developed for the Village. This group is referred to as the Knolls Village Development Team, and includes everyone in the neighborhood who enjoys helping create the Knolls Village programs.